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Are you a coach, trainer, mentor, or consultant?

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Build Your Community

Create your own social community, where you can specify the type of information you want your users to include in their profiles and quickly access and evaluate the results. Other social networking networks do not have such functionalities. You can also organize your community into multiple groups and categories, issue notifications, and communicate your messages.

Exchange Your Ideas

We aren't simply another website that offers courses. It is a complete platform that allows owners of various types of knowledge, information and experience to exchange and share their materials in. Trainers, coaches, mentors, consultants, masterminds, therapists, project managers, tutors, and anybody else who may benefit from Coach Couches features are all eligible.

Publish Your Content

You can record the podcasts and promote them to your intended audience. Using the fully integrated platform, you may create, publish, and monetize and commercialize your own online courses. The all-in-one platform provided the flexibility and makes it even easier to share your expertise content, expand and broaden your audience, and scale your established business.

What Makes Us Unique

We bring you the most unique and advanced feature

We Are Your Digital Partner

We offer you your personalized platform where you can upload your content and share it with your audience. Instead of moving between platforms to manage your courses, sessions, meetings, payments, messages, Emailing and surveys, we offer you an integrated solution with a bundle of amazing features.


Build, Publish and Monetize your online courses from one single platform that contains every feature you might need to grow your business.


Your audience will be able to undergo a pre-assessment test and based on the results you can easily generate a personalized learning path as your per trainee.


You can price your courses by single payment mode, subscription or installment. You can add tax % and assign free courses.


We bring you the most unique and advanced features

Easy to read dashboard

Daily active users, tasks, sales, CRM, analytics.

Weekly Digest

What posts had the highest engagement this week.

Analytical tools

Courses performance, engagement and revenues.

Advanced courses sections

From lessons & schedule posts to polls & surveys, quizzes and zoom meetings.

Onboard new members

Name of newly enrolled members, introductory video, benefits of the course, add a field member tag.

Extensive communication

Chat messages, newsletter subscriptions, webinars, group training, and subjective discussion groups.


The Story Behind

2020 has brought a lot of change to the world, saying that all the changes are negative is quite unfair. The year has highlighted the power of spreading knowledge and expertise internationally and across generations through a screen. We were able to see an increasing number of people who are willing to pass their knowhows, skills, years of experience and ability of mentorship through online tools. From there, we saw the necessity of having an all-in-one place furnished with all the tools and resources to enable trainers, coaches, mentors, and consultants to start their digital online coaching and training journey.

At CoachCouches, everything is customized to fit your needs. It is the only platform that combines the features of around 4 software systems in one place. Instead of moving between platforms to manage your courses, sessions, meetings, payments, messages, Emailing and surveys, we offer you an integrated solution with a bundle of amazing features.


Our Business Model

Our aim is to give all of our clients the freedom to deliver their courses and other services in the way that they see fit. As a result, we generated different modalities from which you can select.

Platform Revenue Share

Under the our framework, you will be able to develop your own courses and use the platform's other features. Coach Couches' website/app will let students, trainees, and other potential consumers to register for your classes. They will also be able to view courses given by other trainers and coaches, as well as investigate all of their possibilities.

You will not be required to pay any monthly or annual subscriptions under this arrangement. We'll only have to split the profits with CoachCouches. We have a 60/40 revenue split program in which we take 40% of the revenue.

Annual Subscription Fees

We construct your own community in our second model. You have complete control over every aspect of this community, whether it's a website or a mobile app. Your brand standards can be applied to any design with the greatest degree of flexibility. Your consumers will not be forced to visit Coach Couches' website, and they will not be distracted by other offers.

We will have no accessibility to your revenue under this model. You get exactly what you price per course. You'll pay a yearly subscription fee plus setup expenses, and you'll have complete control over your platform.

Who We Are

CoachCouches is a digital platform that allows entrepreneurs to design, advertise, sell, and execute their own classes online. Our objective is to transform the way individuals study and earn online by providing them with the tools they need to transform their knowledge into a long-term business career that benefits both them and their viewing public. We have all of the tools and features you need to create a fully interactive community between you and your target audience as a coach, trainer, mentor, or consultant. All you have to worry about is your experience, and our software solutions integrated in one spot will help you present it in the best light.

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Users & Benefits

Meeting all your requirements from the simple ones to the most advanced


Individual Coach

Connect or Build your website

Open Interactive Discussion Groups

Build your Online Community

Stay Connected with your Audience

Build Online Courses

Upload Newsletters

Announce Events

Manage leads


Corporate Coach

Build a network of providers

Cross Selling of Services

Management with providers

Profile & Biography

Revenue Sharing



Explore your services

Subscribe to your Events

Register to your courses

Interacts in your discussion groups

View Providers Biography

Book 1-to-1 session

Online Payment

Choose A Plan

From the most basic to our power users,
we cover every use case scenario

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We’re focused on bringing to you the best tools to design, advertise, sell, and execute your own classes and reach a bigger audience